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Airline fees for carrying skis or snowboard

Most European low-cost airlines will happily charge you a ton for carrying the ski equipment. However, there are some nice exceptions!

In this post we’ve listed the fees you can expect to pay when flying with your winter stuff out of Berlin.
tl;dr: just go with Eurowings 🙂

Latest update: October 2018; make sure to check the links below before booking!

  • easyJet: snowboard 20kg +42eur one way
  • Ryanair: ski equipment 20kg +45eur one way
  • Transavia: ski equipment 15kg +29eur one way
  • Wizz Air: sports equipment +30eur one way
  • Lufthansa (Economy Light): snowboard +80eur one way (holy crap!)
  • Eurowings: ski equipment flies for free; you can check by adding the ski luggage at the last booking step before paying

If you don’t feel like flying:

  • Deutsche Bahn: free
  • FlixBus: +10eur one way, and make sure to call them as early as possible, otherwise they don’t guarantee the space

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