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Airline ski/snowboard fees

European low-cost airlines will happily charge you a ton for carrying the ski equipment. In this post we’ve listed the fees you can expect to pay when flying with your winter stuff in Europe.

Latest update: Mid 2023; make sure to check the airline terms at the links below before booking!

  • easyJet: snowboard 20kg, €42 per flight
  • Ryanair: ski equipment 20kg, €45 per flight
  • Transavia: ski equipment 15kg, €42 per flight
  • Wizz Air: sports equipment, €45 per flight
  • Lufthansa (Economy Light fare): snowboard, €80 (holy crap!) per route; however, with Economy Classic, they carry skis for free at least on some routes — use the baggage calculator to check the price
  • Eurowings: from €30, but can be as high as €60 per flight

If you don’t feel like flying:

  • Deutsche Bahn: free; ICE trains don’t offer much luggage space but it’s usually possible to squeeze a snowboard bag into some corner
  • FlixBus: €9 one way, and make sure to call them as early as possible, otherwise, they don’t guarantee the space

Safe travels!

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