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Berlin’s nearest ski slopes: Fichtelberg & Klínovec

Klínovec, one of the nearest ski locations to Berlin.

Fichtelberg and Klínovec are two mountains located on two sides of the Czech-German border. About 3.5 hours away by car, this is probably the nearest ski location to Berlin. From beginner slopes to forest freeride — they have it all there!

The distance is roughly the same as to Spindleruv Mlyn, but getting here is faster and easier since most of the way you’re driving on German autobahns.

The town by the Fichtelberg mountain is called Oberwiesenthal.

The area has the elevation of 900m (and the tops are 1200+), so it’s noticeably colder than in Berlin or Dresden, and it catches quite some snow in winter.


Being the nearest ski location to Berlin, it’s also the most budget destination in our list, and this is why:

  • 1-day bus tours with Prima Klima, cheap but rough: 5am departure, late return, €75 including bus & ski pass
  • Car, from €50 for gas (click to check BlaBlaCar options)
  • Train+bus Berlin > Am Bahnhof, Oberwiesenthal, from €50 return
  • Ski pass, €26/day
  • Accommodation, from €15/person/night, cheaper on the Czech side a bit away from the resort

Ski resorts

These 2 resorts (and a couple of smaller ones, Boží Dar and Neklid) have a common ski pass and are connected with a ski bus.

We personally liked Klinovec more, but in fact both mountains offer great opportunities for some forest freeride! Of course, they also have a full range of prepared ski slopes.


Driving there: in winter, the last couple of kilometers before Klinovec can be tricky because of the ice on the road. If you have snow chains, pack them just in case.

Food: the town of Oberwiesenthal has a few restaurants, but for dinner we recommend booking a table in advance.

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