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Forest freeride in Klinovec and Fichtelberg

Here’s a short video from a weekend trip to Oberwiesenthal in January. What more is there to say?

Well, okay, a few tips:

  • On weekends, we recommend arriving as early as possible (before 9 am), otherwise it may be difficult to find a parking spot.
  • Have some snack with you, Klinovec doesn’t have too many cafes.
  • Check the maps before going into the forest. It’s not too big but anyway.
  • Slopes in Oberwiesenthal are steeper and the forest is older and more dense. Some skills are required!

Update from 2023:

In Klinovec, with a starting point somewhere on the Rondo piste, you can cut through the trees and get down to Klinovecky Potok brook below, and follow the road along it to the Prima Express chair lift. Here’s a Strava track if you need inspiration.

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