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Freeride in Jasná (Slovakia)

This idea probably never came to your mind, but you can find great freeride in Slovakia. And this is how!

Jasná is located in Low Tatras mountains. There are also several ski resorts in the nearby High Tatras range, but they are further away and we haven’t been there yet.

First, here’s our post on getting to Jasná ski resort from Berlin via Bratislava.

When you’re there, you want to go to the top station (Chopok, 2024 m) and then walk along the ridge towards the Ďumbier peak, 2043 m, or in the opposite direction, towards the Dereše peak, 2003 m. You should pick a slope depending on snow conditions and your level: the northern side facing Liptovsky Mikulaš (left on the map) offers plenty of steep and narrow couloirs, and the southern side (right on the map) is for less technical and arguably more fun rides.

Backcountry route Jasna - Chopok South

We’ve been there in the end of a very warm February, the snow wasn’t fresh at all, but we still managed to find some fields of spring snow and leave our lines there. Our favorite ride starts beneath the Ďumbier peak and goes towards Kosodrevina through the field, then (optionally) young firs, and then with a long couloir almost to the Srdiečko station, so you get your 800+ m of descent easily.

Forest near Srdiečko might be challenging and not steep enough for boarders, so if you don’t feel like walking through it, you can stop in the middle of the route and walk the path to Kosodrevina station instead.

P.S. As a bonus you’ll probably meet lots of wild chamois on your way!

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