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Off-piste snowboarding in Sudelfeld

Skiparadies Sudelfeld is a Bavarian ski resort close to Munich that can offer some beautiful freeride opportunities on a snowy day.

Sudelfeld is not particularly big and does not have much to show in terms of elevation, but it has some hidden and very enjoyable off-piste nooks and crannies.

For example, if you take the T-bar to the top of the resort (1563m mark) and then walk 50 meters further up and into the forest, you’ll find yourself in a quiet valley sloping down to Rosengasse station. Hey, it’s 300 vertical meters of great off-piste, and not too crowded!

Sudelfeld Offpiste/Freeride Route

We’ve been to Sudelfeld a couple of times; here’s a short video from a slushy March day in 2018.

The best way to get to Sudelfeld is by car from Munich.

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