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Our favorite freeride route at Hintertux

This is our favorite freeride route on the Hintertux Glacier, starting at the top station Gefrorene Wand, with a total descent of up to 1750m.

Hintertux is located at the far end of Zillertal valley, which itself is one huge ski area with a single Superskipass. It is not the nearest place to go skiing from Berlin, but getting there via Munich or Innsbruck is still quite convenient.

Route description

Our favorite freeride route on Hintertuxer Gletscher: offpiste from Hintertux top (Gefrorene Wand) to Sommerbergalm or Talstation Hintertux
Kleegrube Offpiste Route from Gefrorene Wand (click to open)

Starting at the Hintertux top station Gefrorene Wand, take piste 4 and descend about 200m, then turn right, first crossing the old double chairlift Gefrorene Wand 3b and then the Gletscherbus 3 line. You may need to walk 50m here.

Keep traversing, and cross over the mini-ridge steeply descending into the wide valley. Now you can enjoy over 1 km of the 30-degree glacier terrain!

At the bottom of the valley gain speed and keep left to return to the piste #2 leading to Sommerberg 6-seater chair.

Another option is to keep right and continue riding to Talstation Hintertux. Follow the right bank of the creek and the marked summer route, if you can find it. The ride through the forest is quite technical and more ski- than snowboard-friendly but fun anyway.


Be aware of the avalanche conditions as well as crevasses on the glacier. If you decide to take the longer route and go to the valley, steer away from the gorge on your left.

Other off-piste routes nearby

This is our favorite freeride route at Hintertux, but not the only one. Some useful resources to look at:

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