Freeride in Jasná (Slovakia)

This idea probably never came to your mind, but you can find great freeride in Slovakia. And this is how!

First, how to get to Jasná ski resort from Berlin.

Jasná is located in Low Tatras mountains. There’s also High Tatras range nearby, but it doesn’t have much infrastructure.

When you’re there, you want to go to the top station (Chopok, 2024m) and then walk along the ridge towards the Ďumbier peak, 2043m, or in the opposite direction, towards the Dereše peak, 2003m. You should pick a slope depending on snow conditions and your level: the northern side facing Liptovsky Mikulaš (left on the map) offers plenty of steep and narrow couloirs, and the southern side (right on the map) is for less technical and arguably more fun rides.

Backcountry route Jasna - Chopok South

We’ve been there in the end of a very warm February, the snow wasn’t fresh at all, but we still managed to find some fields of spring snow and leave our lines there. Our favorite ride starts beneath the Ďumbier peak and goes towards Kosodrevina through the field, then (optionally) young firs, and then with a long couloir almost to the Srdiečko station, so you get your 800m+ of descent easily.

Forest near Srdiečko might be challenging and not steep enough for boarders, so if you don’t feel like walking through it, you can stop in the middle of the route and walk the trail to Kosodrevina station instead.

P.S. As a bonus you’ll probably meet lots of wild chamois on your way!

Best Offpiste Route at Hintertux

The best Hintertux offpiste route: Hintertux Top (Gefrorene Wand) to Sommerbergalm or Talstation Hintertux
Kleegrube Offpiste Route: Gefrorene Wand to Sommerbergalm or Talstation Hintertux

One of the best freeride routes on Hintertuxer Gletscher, with a total descent of up to 1750m.


Starting at the Hintertux top station Gefrorene Wand, take piste 4 and descend about 200m, then turn right, first crossing the old double chairlift Gefrorene Wand 3b and then the Gletscherbus 3 line. You may need to walk 50m here.

Keep traversing, and cross over the mini-ridge steeply descending into the wide valley. Now you can enjoy over 1 km of the 30-degree glacier terrain!

At the bottom of the valley gain speed and keep left to return to the slope leading to Sommerbergalm station.

Another option is to take to the right and continue to Talstation Hintertux. Follow the right bank of the creek and the marked summer route if you can find it. The ride through the forest is quite technical and not exactly snowboard-friendly but very fun.


Be aware of the avalanche conditions as well as crevasses on the glacier. If you decide to go to the valley, keep away from the gorge.

Getting there

Hintertux is located at the far end of Zillertal valley, which itself is one huge ski area with a single Superskipass.

Our preferred way of getting there — by train via Munich.

More offpiste routes nearby